Temploo is a new line of yoga mats inspired by the fusion of this discipline with mexican art emanating from the emblematic city of San Miguel de Allende product of the effort from a group of young & passionate entrepeneurs who love this discipline.

For the name, their designers thought about the importance the association the mat has with a sacred space for those who practice this discipline to discover the balance between body and mind.

Temploo has a superior technology that allows a perfect grip, free from sliding, resistant and comfortable with ideal support. It´s washable and comes in different styles for a more versatil yoga experience.

Immersed in yoga, the creators of Temploo reflected on what their mats should convey by offering unique designs in a range of attractive colors full of vitality, just like the city of San Miguel and its amazing handcrafts.

«This mat produces an exceptionally unique and harmonious feeling of peace and well-being with the user» says Liset Rubín, yoga instructor and member of the creators from Temploo.
«As a yogui» she adds «a mat can make all the difference for enriching the yoga practice. Temploo contributes to those moments of connection between the existence and the spiritual way in a comfortable and harmonious environment»

The pleasure for yoga is at the heart of Temploo. Owners of this mat have already experienced incredible moments and for Liset Rubín, her goal is that consumers enjoy to the max their mats in order to maintain a healthy and fulfilling life. «With Temploo the users will reach their potential and achieve their goals in the practice of this ancient discipline»

In order to be in closer contact with their consumers, Temploo distributes its products around the country directly to yoga studios and through its online store.